My Notes From the Tim Ferriss Show #355: “How to Master Essentialism”

A Quick Note Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, where I synthesize, summarize, compare, and apply all sorts of concepts, ideas, and information that I find on my life’s journey. I’m still working through how to best share my insights with you all, and welcome your constructive comments and feedback. Who is Essentialism For? EssentialismContinue reading “My Notes From the Tim Ferriss Show #355: “How to Master Essentialism””

Experience vs. Fitness

In the last two years, I’ve held five different jobs and worked on building two companies. I realize that this is more employers than many people have in decades or an entire lifetime, and that’s ok. I don’t attach any special meaning to this fact because I weighed the potential risks and opportunities of eachContinue reading “Experience vs. Fitness”

My Notes From The Tim Ferriss Show #510: Greg McKeown

Please note that Tim Ferriss owns all rights to the podcast, podcast transcripts, and the content on his website at I’m providing my reflections, synthesis and applications of the concepts and tactics discussed with his guests here for my own benefit. As this is both my first post and my first post like this,Continue reading “My Notes From The Tim Ferriss Show #510: Greg McKeown”

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