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I’m sharing my insights, reflections, actions and feedback from all that I’m observing, experiencing and learning in life.

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The Billion User Table Review

This is a review of the blog post “The Billion User Table” written by John Stokes for 1729, a website about blockchain, cryptocurrency, tech, and more. As much as possible, I am going to try to refrain from judgement of the content of the post or the beliefs of its author, and instead attempt to…

My Notes From the Tim Ferriss Show #355: “How to Master Essentialism”

A Quick Note Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, where I synthesize, summarize, compare, and apply all sorts of concepts, ideas, and information that I find on my life’s journey. I’m still working through how to best share my insights with you all, and welcome your constructive comments and feedback. Who is Essentialism For? Essentialism…

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